Business Video Intercom with Electric Gate Strike

Screening visitors is important in any business, especially for schools and childcare centres. Having a video intercom with gate strike feature restricts visiting hours and prevent any intruder from forcefully entering the premises.

An electric strike lock is an access control device that can be programmed to perform different actions. The lock looks like a wedge with the thick part facing the door to either stop or allow it to be opened.

Electric strike locks modify the traditional lock-and-key system by removing the keyhole which can be tampered with by intruders. People can’t forcibly enter the area by disengaging a lock they cannot see. This feature is what makes electric strike locks extra appealing to business owners who want to prevent unauthorized access to specific rooms and facilities.
Electric strike locks can be triggered by key card or remote access, depending on the security setup. It can be configured to remain locked or open in case of a power outage. Access control systems like this, though, are often supported by backup batteries so that they remain functional even when there’s no electricity in the area.
A video intercom with an electric gate strike feature is very useful in properties with unmanned gates and restrictive entrances. Schools, childcare centres, offices, and areas that implement strict access to the facility can benefit the most from this type of security system.

By integrating it to a video intercom device, you can remotely access the electric strike gate even if there’s no physical security guard manning the access point. This helps staff check first if the person asking for entry permission is recognizable or not. With this, intruders cannot fake their identity and pretend to be someone else to gain entry to the facility.
Serious Security offers electric strike locks that can withstand huge amounts of pressure. They can also be applied in different ways to fit a variety of situations.
Whether your door frame is made of aluminum, steel, timber, or concrete, we can install the system and make the facility secure. No matter the height and width of the door, we have the solution that will fit the bill.

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