Nursing Home Video Surveillance Systems

A nursing home houses the most delicate patients who need skilled, custodial care. Having a surveillance system adds confidence in the safety of the facility and allows you to focus more on providing welfare to patients.

One of the establishments that must have a reliable surveillance system is a nursing home. Although employees keep a close eye on the patients, there will be times when these patients try their best to slip past security. In a nursing home, missing even a single second can cause problems.

A surveillance system covers any blind spot in your facility and allows you to monitor a larger area. It makes monitoring patients efficient since it reduces employee workload while improving the safety and security of the whole facility.

Small nursing homes can manage with a basic surveillance system. But for bigger institutions, an integrated, IP-based surveillance system will address all the security requirements. Either system is sure to help enhance safety within the premise and ensure optimal patient care is delivered.

Why Install a Surveillance System?


  • To cut risks

Aged-care facilities and nursing homes face several risks in providing custodial care to their patients. The patients may get involved in something that can endanger their lives, whether the situation is accidental or intentional by nature.


Having a surveillance system in the facility ascertains a timely response to avoid serious injuries. Additionally, incident footages can be used as evidence to protect the staff from possible accusations and misunderstandings.


  • To take care of patients better

Surveillance systems not only improve security but also enhance communication between staff and patients. Equipment for providing seamless two-way communication can be used to tell patients that they can connect with the staff whenever they need to. This system keeps patients satisfied and reduces the rate of manpower exhaustion.


  • To ensure the safety of everyone in the facility

Integrating an intercom and access control system into the existing surveillance scheme add another layer of security to make sure that only authorized individuals can enter and leave the facility. This security system also prompts staff to come to the aid of patients who need extra support in going around the premise. As an end result, injuries are prevented and patients gain confidence that they’re well taken care of by the management.


Serious Security has served a number of nursing homes in Melbourne. Our experience in this field allows us to easily customize a security solution to ensure you comply with the requirements needed for your establishment. We will design the appropriate security system and make sure it’s properly installed and perfectly working.

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