Access Control Systems for Business

Access Control Systems make sure only authorized personnel are allowed entry to designated areas.
Organizations usually manage access to certain rooms, areas, and facilities by granting entry only to authorized personnel. Installing single-entry and multi-entry access locks with integrated software control is the best practice to protect the people and the assets of your company. Access Control Systems secure areas from unauthorized access of personnel below the required level and prohibit unrecognized visitors from entering the facility.


Select your access control requirement:

Stand Alone Access Keypad

The most basic access control system for small businesses with a single office entry.

Integrated Alarm & Access Control

This setup is suitable for medium-sized businesses with several rooms and entry points. Up to 16 access readers can be installed in the office and connect them with 144 alarm zones.

Integrated Access Control

Large businesses with heavy user traffic need a security and monitoring system that can manage and synchronize access in real-time. By combining card readers and software solutions, we can provide a complete surveillance system within the premise which helps prevent security breaches.

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