Stadium Security Camera Systems

Stadiums are one of the hardest places to guard because of the sheer number of people that enter/exit the premise. Add to that the numerous access points and areas where people can hide, and you’ve got a serious security threat if you don’t have the appropriate surveillance system in place.

Security Challenge

Compared to a typical establishment, stadiums present a different kind of challenge to the management in ensuring the safety of everyone in the area. Opportunistic criminals may take advantage of the commotion that rowdy fans cheering for their respective teams do, making it hard for the staff to implement proper security measures. Even the least threatening situations can jeopardize the countless number of individuals within the premise if appropriate security enforcement actions are not issued.

Stadiums require only the highest standard of security measure to minimize, if not altogether remove, any risk to the public. Installing smart video cameras and intrusion alarm systems reinforce security in the vicinity and ensure people can be quickly evacuated during emergency situations. For the safety of the employees and the infrastructure, access control pads can be installed on areas where only authorized access is allowed.

Our Solution

Using traditional security cameras won’t cut it because of the large volume of people that need to be guarded. Serious Security recommends using intelligent surveillance systems that are IP-enabled and have smart AI functions to help analyse the movement of the people in the stadium.

Installing cameras with Thermal Artificial Intelligence provide a great way of detecting temperature changes in an area. Objects that give off unusual radiation can be automatically compared by the system with those that emit normal heat signatures to alert the management of any potential threat within the vicinity. This makes the job of security personnel more efficient since the system can pinpoint the location of the threat immediately.

Intrusion and access control systems should also be IP-enabled and have smart AI features so that they can quickly alert the whole network when a threat is detected. Having a reliable surveillance system to monitor suspicious activities in the whole area, security personnel now have more time on their hands to focus on tasks that can further improve the safety of everyone in the vicinity.

Serious Security knows how to effectively install security equipment to make sure you’re ready to face any threatening situation that may arise. You can leave the planning and designing of the security installations to us as we have extensive experience in doing this for large venues like stadiums and theatres.

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