License Plate Recognition Systems

Law enforcement agencies around the world use technology that lets them capture vehicle plate numbers for swift apprehension.
Police authorities continue to reap huge benefits from the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology which has made vehicle tracking activities more efficient than ever. It can be used with existing CCTV installations and road traffic enforcement cameras, making the security system cost-effective and scalable.

The plate recognition system offered by Serious Security is accurate, reliable, and cost-efficient. Our ANPR cameras feature a powerful noise reduction mechanism that allows crisper capturing of images. They also have a headlight compensation function which enables the camera to produce high-quality images even at night despite the glaring headlights that obstruct normal vision.
ANPR technology also has a number of benefits outside its use in traffic law enforcement. Aside from monitoring passing vehicles, the technology can also be used in toll collection and in cataloguing traffic movements. Car parks can also take advantage of the technology by enabling their system to automatically create a record of the vehicles that enter and exit the facility.

Our plate recognition system also has smart capabilities that allow you to blacklist or whitelist plates in the database. This can be connected to an access control system, allowing gates to automatically open when the CCTV camera detects a whitelisted car approaching the facility.

Serious Security’s ANPR solution is capable of matching vehicle plates in real-time, enabling the authorities to quickly pinpoint the area where tagged vehicles are in. We also offer a solution that works on highways and busy streets with multiple traffic lanes. Even the plate numbers of speeding vehicles won’t be able to escape the recognition capability of our system.

Outputs are available on both the camera and the NVR to cause certain actions to happen upon finding on “blacklist” or “whitelist”. eg. opening a gate / alerting security

The view from an NVR admin panel for ANPR functions

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