Logistics Security Systems

Transporting high volume of goods in Melbourne require specialized security measures to ensure the safety of the cargos. Logistics companies must have top-notch security measures in place if they want to be better than their competitors in the industry.

Serious Security has an exemplary track record in assisting logistics companies in their security needs. We’ve helped countless of them meet the security regulations required by the Australian Border Force (ABF).

Whether you’re transporting goods by sea or air, we can answer your security concerns. We can also deal with supply chain issues to make sure the movement of products within the network remains secure and stress-free.

Serious Security can conduct site evaluations free-of-charge. We can go to your warehouse and assess where threats may arise so that we can develop a design best suited to your transportation and logistics ecosystem.

Whether you’re looking to integrate your existing security system or have it upgraded to the latest technology available, we have the solution ready for your business. We tailor-fit our plans based on the needs of your business and we can do this with confidence, thanks to years of industry experience.

Security Components

  • Access control systems

Only authorized personnel should have access to the warehouse, office, and other sensitive areas of the business. Installing an access control system ensures the delicate areas of the supply chain are protected. This also makes your business compliant with Melbourne ABF monitoring requirements.

We can put a biometric scanner or a card access system, depending on the requirements of your business. Our on-site assessment will help us recommend the best security solution fit for your operations.

  • Intrusion alert systems

This is a must in any logistics business to keep everyone and everything in the warehouse safe and secure. We install only leading-edge commercial intrusion alert systems that will provide end-to-end protection to the whole supply chain network.

  • Surveillance systems

UHD cameras are needed in warehouses where a high volume of traffic is observed every day. You have to have the capability to monitor the smallest of details and capture every movement so you won’t miss anything on the ground level.

Having cameras deployed in strategic areas allow the management to deploy its employees in an efficient way. Seeing how well your business is protected, thieves and burglars will surely stay away from doing anything rash in your area.

Logistics and transportation companies deal with large volumes of goods, which is why it’s of utmost importance to ensure the products are safely transferred throughout the network. Failing to do so puts them at risk of losing thousands to millions of dollars for being vulnerable to security breaches.

Serious Security is the leading security systems provider in the commercial space. We have a number of packages to deal with your security concerns including, but not limited to, surveillance cameras, burglar alarm systems, and access control solutions.

If you need guidance on how to manage your security system, just give us a call and we’ll help make sure you get the best security solution in the industry.