Gym Security System

Operating a gym can be a lot of headache.

Operating a gym is a very busy job. You’ll have your hands full ensuring your members remain happy and contented. You also have to make sure your staff is well-trained to handle the safety of the gym members. On top of these, you have to also think about your marketing efforts to keep signing up new members.
Juggling all these tasks, you might miss putting extra attention in the security of your business. Unauthorized access and unmonitored incidents can harm not only your reputation but also the people inside the facility.
Serious Security helps gym owners like you prevent the inconveniences these untoward situations can bring by setting up the appropriate security equipment for your business. This helps you focus more on things that matter like the welfare and happiness of your members and employees. Our solutions ensure both member safety and facility security.
• Access Control
It’s common for gyms and fitness centres to have a website where members can sign up. Serious Security’s Data Sync Service can make use of this feature by automatically creating user records for the gym. Access details will be given to registered members and they’ll have access to gym facilities within their membership period. For visitors, a temporary access pass can be given when they book a facility on the website.

• 24-Hour Gym Security
After installing our security system, you’ll have real-time information on who enters and exits the facility. We can install security doors that can be accessed only by registered gym members by scanning their fingerprint or swiping their barcoded or RFID-enabled ID.

• Alarm system
An alarm system can be installed in your gym to make sure the facility is well-protected even outside business hours. It can be connected to your mobile phone and trigger an alert when an intruder enters the office premise.
All CCTV packages we offer at Serious Security come with a high-quality 19-inch monitor where you can view the live feed from the security cameras. Our security systems are also capable of remote viewing connection so you can monitor the facility from your mobile device anytime, anywhere.
Your staff need to learn only one security system and it’s very easy to understand. Explaining the access control rights and the membership software is enough for them to know the improvements you’ve done for the facility’s security. This will make them more confident to work on their fitness plans for the members and lessen their worry about intruders casually walking into the gym.
Serious Security offers flexible gym security solutions that will perfectly meet your requirements. We’ve serviced numerous gyms in Melbourne and other state territories so you can rest assured about our capability in securing your establishment.

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