Car Park Security Systems

Collision with parked vehicles is one of the most common types of vehicular accidents in Australia. Aside from that, there’s theft, vandalism, and other incidents that may happen in a parking lot. Having a surveillance system installed in the premise helps identify the culprit liable for the mishaps.

Cutting Crimes with a Surveillance System

Vandals and thieves often eye car parks to do ill-mannered actions and damage properties. Seldom do these areas have a roving guard, making car parks quite the easy target for them. If the car is not stolen, it may have scratches or paint on it which will still cost the owner a good amount of money to repair.

Highly-populated car parks have a higher rate of theft, accidents, and other vehicular disasters. It can be challenging to monitor the cars that enter and exit the vicinity, making it less secure for customers.

Studies show that car parks with a surveillance system installed deter wrongdoers from committing criminal activities. By installing a proper video surveillance system, you can assure customers that you’re monitoring and recording every activity. Knowing that your car park is fully secured, thieves and pranksters will be discouraged from doing anything destructive.

Setting Up a Surveillance System
Car parks vary in size, layout, vehicle density, and location. Simply installing a CCTV on random areas won’t cut it. Surveillance equipment should be strategically placed on the key access points to the car park which may include the main entrance, the ticketing area, the lift, and the fire exits and stairs. Planning where to put the appropriate equipment will save you money and time, in addition to ensuring you have an effective security system that covers all bases.

When you’re ready to put the plan into action, it’s time to pick the right equipment for your facility.

Surveillance cameras should be far from reach by unauthorized personnel. They should be capable of recording footages in ultra-high definition so that you can capture even the minutest of details. IP-based cameras are also a great option since you’ll be able to remotely access entire recordings anywhere. There are also IP cameras with CMOS lenses which capture extremely crisp and high-resolution images best for recording license plate numbers.

Why Choose Serious Security?

Serious Security specializes in the installation of surveillance systems in garages and multi-storey car parks. We don’t just install security cameras and slap it on the wall. We inspect the vicinity first, then meticulously plan where to put the appropriate security system to make sure every corner is covered. We’re proud to say that we install vandal-proof security cameras that can’t be tampered by thieves.

Our company holds an ASIAL Bronze Corporate membership and is licensed to fit car park security systems. Our installations are done by skilled technicians and, should the system get damaged while in operation, we’ve got insurance coverage to back you up.

Serious Security puts significant emphasis on car park safety. We highly recommend that you organize a surveillance system for your car park to assure customers they’re safe in doing business with you.