Facial Recognition Systems

Criminals can hide in airports and busy streets where heavy people traffic can be observed. By having a facial recognition system placed in the area, they won’t be able to keep their identity a secret even if they blend in the crowd.

How It Works

A facial recognition system works by identifying the unique characteristics of a person’s face. Each face has a number of distinguishable marks that set them apart from the rest, no matter how much they look alike. The peaks and valleys observed on a person’s face are called nodal points which include the distance between the eyes, the depth of the eye sockets, the length of the jawline, the width of the nose, the thickness of the lips, the shape of the cheekbones, and 74 other nodal points the software can recognize.

Facial recognition systems translate the measurements of these nodal points into numerical codes which are compiled together into a set called the faceprint. This faceprint is stored in the database and it’s the data used by the algorithm for identifying faces recognized by the camera. This method has produced accurate results as backed by a test that showed the system’s 92% success rate in recognizing a person’s face by comparing it with 1.6 million mug shots in its database.

Facial Recognition for Security and Beyond

Facial recognition systems are often used in airports and facilities that have a huge number of people traffic.

Criminals often blend in the crowd to avoid getting spotted by police authorities. Traditional CCTV cameras also don’t have the capability to automatically spot them. When monitoring several screens at once, even the most skilled professional trained to quickly recognize faces using screen captures will have a hard time promptly reporting their observations to the authorities.

Having a facial recognition camera placed in the facility enables fast, simultaneous searching and wider monitoring coverage. Its AI will automatically alert the authorities in case it finds a match, allowing swift action to be taken before criminals make their escape.

Aside from deterring criminal activities and preventing wanted individuals from escaping the law, facial recognition systems can also be used in the commercial space by improving customer experience.

Some retailers are using facial recognition software to identify frequent customers walking into their shops and restaurants. When the camera picks up the face of a VIP entering the establishment, the system can alert the sales staff so that they can provide personalized service to the customer.

Our Solution

Serious Security offers two kinds of facial recognition solution: a standalone, single-channel camera and a recorder for multi-channel application.

The standalone, single-channel facial recognition camera can capture faces in real-time and store them in its built-in library. Up to 30,000 pictures can be stored in each of its 3 face libraries.

The multi-channel solution requires a linked interaction between several cameras to capture all angles of the face of an individual. The system can store up to a total of 16 face libraries and 100,000 face pictures.

Our multi-channel facial recognition system can automatically search the faces in an area using the pictures stored in its face library. This is linked to an alarm system that alerts authorities whenever the system finds a match in the premise.

Standalone Hikvision Facial Recognition System (works with IVMS4200)

Multi Channel Facial Recognition System

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