Convenience / Grocery Store Security Package


A convenience store is one of the establishments that receive heavy customer traffic. Installing a surveillance system will give you confidence in the security of the store, regardless of how many people enter and exit the premise.


A grocery store is one of the hardest establishments to guard. It’s difficult to monitor every corner of the store, especially during business hours when countless of people enter and exit the shop. There’s product pinching, petty thievery, and worse, cashier robbery to watch out for. With the staff busy in serving customers, it’ll be difficult to enforce security within the premise.


At Serious Security, we have a wide range of options to ensure you install the right security solutions for your store. It could be as simple setting up the correct surveillance or alarm system to deter offenders from robbing your business.


The convenience store floor plan below is a common example of how most store owners choose to set up their security equipment.

Security Package Installed:


Security Components:

red-cctvA high-definition IP camera is placed on the counter area for a wide monitoring coverage of the store. Our HD cameras help capture the tiniest details that happen in the store, so much that you can zoom in and see the amount on the dollar note a customer holds. The facial features of burglars and petty thieves can also be easily distinguished in the footages and you can submit this to the police for evidence.



The average convenience store is manned by around 2 employees at a time which makes it hard for them to guard every customer activity. Thieves usually take advantage of this minimal staffing by placing themselves outside the visibility of the employees. By placing another HD camera on the far end of the shop, you can cover any blind spot the main camera creates. It can capture misconducts when thieves think they’re far from the eyes of the staff.


green-cctvPlacing an additional HD camera in another corner of the store ensures you capture all angles of your shop. Criminals will be discouraged from doing anything rash since they know they can’t escape the surveillance system.


purple-cctvHaving visibility on customers who are just about to enter and exit the premise provides an extra layer of security to the establishment. Employees will have enough time to effectively respond to unwanted incidents, protecting the business from theft and possible insurance claims.


black-cctvAdditional ceiling cameras or outdoor cameras will further monitor unsavoury behaviour and provide additional security comfort to staff working alone on site.


monitorAll our CCTV packages come with a quality 19 inch monitor to allow back office staff to monitor common areas whether there is frequent supervision or not. All our packages also include remote viewing connection to your smartphone or tablet so you can monitor your business from anywhere, anytime.


alarm-keypadAn alarm system will also be installed inside your store to make sure the establishment is well-protected even outside business hours. The alarm system can be connected to your mobile phone and trigger an alert when an intruder enters the premise.



access-controlSecuring the back office or storeroom is a must for any grocery business. It’s where valuable supplies are held, so strictly authorized personnel only should be allowed access to it. Installing an access control pad in this area will prevent wandering customers from entering this restricted area.


All CCTV packages we offer at Serious Security come with a high-quality 19-inch monitor where you can view the live feed from the security cameras. Our security systems are also capable of remote viewing connection so you can monitor the facility from your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Cost of Surveillance Package

Serious Security offers the Grocery Store Surveillance Package for 3999. This includes 8 IP-based, high-definition CCTV cameras with a central monitoring system.

What Your Convenience / Grocery Storey Security Package Costs Could Be:




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