Stand Alone Access Keypad

Watchguard Access Control System (stand alone control pad) – From $990 Fully Installed incl GST

54fe99c9c43a4The Keypad / Reader here is a vandal resistant, zinc-alloy die cast, selfcontained, dual-level backlit access control reader/keypad designed to directly drive electric door locks. It is capable of accommodating up to 1000 user codes & RFID cards/keyfobs and is compatible with both fail-safe and failsecure locks. Cards & codes can be combined for multi-level authentication, visitor access can be programmed, daily operational hours can be set and the door lock striking timer is programmable for access customisation.


Package Snapshot:

Watchguard access control keypad ACRDR103 Product Brochure (PDF)


Integration to existing door / gate strikes

Power Supply

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